Bachelor Party

Sorry Ladies! I’m Engaged

Celebrate it with pride and a ride
As you plan to celebrate the end of your bachelor life, we take your crew to the liveliest hot spots while you write the final bachelor story. Our bachelor party limo package meets all your transportation needs. You can travel like a hero and create final bachelor memories to be cherished forever.

Party, Party and… Party

It is party, party and party for your crew all the way. Do away with the need to drive, park your vehicle and busy yourself with creating bachelor party memories that can be treasured for the whole of your life.

Fully Equipped

Our fleet of vehicles is well equipped to cater to your bachelor party needs – Neon lights, top notch video and audio systems, TV and bars create the atmosphere you need to enjoy the party.

No Crossing the Law

We know how DUI laws can put a damper on your bachelor party. Book our Northern Nevada limo and let our professional chauffeur worry about fighting the traffic. While you add fun to this special night, we add safety on our part.

Lively and Smooth Experience

From the pickup to hotspots and travel back home, we make sure that you go through a smooth and lively experience.

How to Get the Best Bachelor Party

It is now a tradition to invite escorts in the bachelor parties. The event has to be organized by other men, but inviting other gender is something that happens always.

The bachelor party is a surprise party where a groom is allowed to see what is normally forbidden before the marriage like losing control, drinking alcohol and scoring with women.

The party can take place in the club, hotel or a room. The escorts can also be strippers who will ensure that your night is not bored.

If you have few members who will be attending the bachelor party, then you can visit the club where you can get a room to accommodate you. If you will have a big group, then it is good to call first and get the girls visit you in the hall or a hotel you have hired.

You’ll have the best bachelor party only if you hire escort girls and some of the following are some of the services to expect:

  • Orgies: sexual relationship with different people of same sex or both sexes.
  • Striptease: it is about undressing of an escort using music rhythm
  • Sex: this is having sex between the escorts and the clients
  • Company: getting the escorts’ company during the party
  • Erotic massage: this is getting a relaxing massage so that the clients can be aroused sexually.