Celebrate the Last Night Out as a Single

Go out in style and create lasting impressions at your bachelorette party. Our bachelorette party limo package meets your transportation needs and style. Let your last night as a single create memories and experience to cherish forever.

Lasting Stories

We drive and you create stories on this memorable night out with your closest friends. We make sure that the bride-to-be and all her friends are there in time to make this bachelorette party a big hit.

Party Atmosphere

As you step into our Northern Nevada limo, you get into the party mood. There’s everything you need to celebrate and make this night special – Neon lights, top notch video and audio systems, TV and bars.

Safe and Secure Ride

Our drivers ensure a safe and secure ride. There is no worrying about the DUI laws and the choice of the driver among your friends.

Smooth Experience

We work with you to put everything in place. There’s no suspense or surprise as you enjoy the Northern Nevada limo ride to celebrate the last day as a single.